Sunday, 27 September 2015

Summer 2015 Photos-TypeCon and Atlanta!

Paul Herrera took his Imperial Roman brush writing class on the road in July and drove to Denver, Colorado for CONDENSED TypeCon 2015. His one-day workshop was held at the Art Institute of Colorado on the third floor. He used the elevator rather than climb the stairs to get to his classroom. Herrera then gave the opening lecture on Saturday morning at the presentation hall of the Sheraton hotel in downtown Denver. The Life and Times of Edwrad M. Catich featured the published work of Father Catich and pointed out how Catich’s Imperial Romans were used as the model for the Adobe typeface “Trajan.”

Click HERE to see photos and information from TypeCon 2015!

Father Catich’s artwork and Herrera’s will be in included in the upcoming Speedball Textbook, 24th Edition, A Comprehensive guide to Pen& Brush Lettering.

Herrera recently traveled (by airplane this time) to Atlanta, Georgia to conduct a two-day workshop on brush writing. He explained how the Imperial Roman letter form was written and then cut into the marble slab at the base of the Trajan Column in Rome. Students used charts developed by Father Edward Catich to understand the proper proportions of the Roman letter form. They then went through writing drills with the brush before writing out the entire alphabet. The class was held at the beautiful and spacious Sam Flax art supply store in Atlanta. Herrera enjoyed his time with his hosts and the members of the Friends of the Alphabet. He gave the Life and Times illustrated lecture to their monthly meeting on Monday night. He flew home the next day through beautiful weather to the lovely Midwest where he resides.

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